Putting the pedal to the metal.

Posted by Jen - June 20th, 2017

Pen and Paper












Band time!

Posted by Jen - March 12th, 2017

Development trailer band instagram












First time meeting with the band today.

I am so looking forward to working with some incredibly talented musicians!




Looking up at city skies.

Posted by Jen - March 5th, 2017

City Skies












The Valley of the Rats!

Posted by Jen - February 27th, 2017

Vince Vancouver Badass Film Festival










It was so cool to see Vince D’Amato’s The Valley of the Rats yesterday at the Vancouver Badass Film Festival!

First production meeting

Posted by Jen - February 19th, 2017

Had a great meeting with DOP Thomas Billingsley yesterday.
Happy to be working together again. So thrilled to take the first steps towards developing a feature film!
Production meeting Feb 18th, 2017






Writing The Son is a Star

Posted by Jen - February 8th, 2017













Found both peace and inspiration walking in graveyards while writing The Son is a Star. So much quiet beauty and memories.

Green Room – Good Movie!

Posted by Jen - May 18th, 2016









Green Room – one of the best horror/thrillers I’ve seen. Will be buying it on blu ray to add to the collection. It always starts with a strong story. Jeremy Saulnier is a director to watch. Super happy I saw this in a theatre – the best place to watch a movie.







Posted by Jen - April 28th, 2016











Watched Hush on Netflix the other evening. Another well made horror film by Mike Flanagan. I’ve really enjoyed the movies I’ve seen of his including Absentia and Occulus. They are well written, directed and acted. The premises are always smart and interesting. Hush has such a cool storyline – harkens back to Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark.




Schitt’s Creek!

Posted by Jen - March 29th, 2016

Do you enjoy watching Schitt’s Creek as much as I do? Then you’ll probably like reading my brother-in-law Doug Sarti’s interview with Annie Murphy who plays the one and only Alexis. Happy to hear they’re shooting season 3 soon. Great interview Doug!

“But it seems that what excites her most is the opportunity to work with the show’s veteran cast, which includes Canadian comedy legends Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

‘My body is covered with bruises from pinching myself on a daily basis,” the Ottawa native says with a big laugh. “I’ve looked up to Eugene and Catherine since I first became interested in acting. I was terribly nervous at first, but the whole cast is so warm and inclusive and supportive that after the first half-day I felt like I was in the family.’ “




Happy Easter!

Posted by Jen - March 25th, 2016
















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