Bruised screening again in Vancouver!

Posted by Jen - March 20th, 2016

Happy to share this fantastic film event that will be happening in Vancouver on April 20th, 2016!

I’ll make sure to post more about it closer to the time but for now – check out the National Canadian FIlm Day films & event page hosted by Shivers Film Society and Women in Film & Television Vancouver.

The 13 films that will be screening:

1. COWBOY KILL CLUB (by Jessica Parsons)
2. EGO NOXA (by Mercedes Coyle)
3. HALLOW (by Leigh Powis)
4. COTARD (by Kaz Nakajima)
5. NIGHT TERROR (by Melanie Coleman)
6. MADRE DE DIOS (by Gigi Saul Guerrero / Luchagore Productions)
7. O NEGATIVE (by Gigi Saul Guerrero / Luchagore Productions)
8. BRUISED (by Jennifer Campbell)
9. ARMS (by Carolyn Williams)
10. S.I.D.S. (by Turner Stewart/dir. & Dionne Copland/producer)
11. DON’T LOOK DOWN (by Dionne Copland)
12. (SECRET FILM – don’t worry, you’ll totally dig it!)
13. DEMONS IN THE DARK (by Jason William Lee/dir. & Dalj Brar/producer)



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